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Palandöken - Erzurum - Turkey

Season : October - May
Best Season : December 10 - May 10

The duration of the skiing season is 150 days a year. The altitude in the skiing area of Palandöken is 2200-3176 m and the most suitable skiing conditions are between 10 December and 10 May. The average snow fall is 2-3 m in normal winter conditions. Due to the climate the quality of the snow is ''powdery' all through the season.

This center has a sufficient number of suitable skiing slopes for Alpine skiing, ski touring, cross country and heliskiing. Guides are available for these activities.

Palandöken is an attractive ski resort rising from the authentic atmosphere of Erzurum, a historical town in Eastern Anatolia. The mountain, which is covered with snow for five months of the year, boast Turkey's longest and widest range of pastes. The blend of challenging skiing and beautiful mountain views makes for an exhilarating skiing holiday.

Although skiing is the main attraction of the area, non-skiers will still benefit from the apres-ski entertainment, the clear, mountain air and the beautiful views of the surrounding scenery.

Located on the northern slopes of the Palandöken Mountain in the Eastern Anatolia Region, southwest of the town of Erzurum. The distance between the center and Erzurum is 5 km and takes 10 minutes by car. The nearest airport is 20 minutes away. Transportation by plane to Erzurum is advised. Turkish Airlines has shuttle from the airport to the city and the ski resort hotels has bus services from the city to Palandöken.

Qualified skiing instructors and equipment for hire are available.

Palandöken ski center has a sufficient number of suitable skiing slopes for Alpine skiing, ski touring, cross-country and heliskiing.
Located on the northern slopes of the Palandöken Mountain in the Eastern Anatolia Region, southwest of the town of Erzurum.

Palandöken Ski Center is equipped with 3 chairlifts, 1 T bar and a tele-cabin (3 km). The center has first aid facilities and a rural clinic. The slopes and mechanical equipment are under surveillance of experts.

Vertical drop : 900 m / 2,950 feet
Lifts : 4 ( 3 chairs, 1 surface)
Chairlifts : 3
T bars : 1

GONDOL TELE CABIN Level : 1165m, Length : 3200m, Capacity : 1500p/h
BEDEN TERBIYESI CHAIR LIFT Level : 1200m, Length : 3237m, Capacity : 300p/h
CONNECTION LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 45m, Length : 840m, Capacity : 900p/h
INEXPERIENCED LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 42m, Length : 320m, Capacity : 900p/h
BABY LIFT TOW - BAR Level : 25m, Length : 200m, Capacity : 300p/h
TELESKI TOW - BAR Level : 100m, Length : 800m, Capacity : 650p/h
SOUTH LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 487m, Length : 1528m, Capacity : 800p/h
VALLEY LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 225m, Length : 1200m, Capacity : 800p/h
DRAGON LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 597m, Length : 1778m, Capacity : 938p/h
SNOW TUBING Level : 47m, Length : 350m, Capacity : 180p/h

Palandöken skiing center has 22 snow tracks, and two of them are declared by FIS as Olympic ones in 1967-83 reg. number.
Easy Track N.8
Medium Level Track N.8
High Level Track N.2
Road Track N.4

Dragon Track
Distance 1075m, Down Level 3100m, Up Level 2720m, Altitude 380m

South Track (Kapıkaya)
Distance 510m, Down Level 3100m, Up Level 2025m, Altitude 1075m

Qualified skiing instructors and equipment for hire are available.
You may take private skiing lessons.
You may hire skiing stuff.

There are several shops at the hotels offering different kinds of products for skiers.

CLIMATE : Continental
ALTITUDE : 3188 meters /10453 feet
SKI AREAS : Between 2150-3100 m /7050-10164 feet altitude
INFRASTRUCTURE : Available in sonem parts (Hinis Passing)
PHYSICAL PLAN : Under-preparation
LIFTS : 2 lifts with a total capacity of 1100 person/hour

You may find a preferred hotel from our selection below to accommodate while your visit to Palandöken Ski Center.

Home to many international ski competitions, Palandöken ski resort in Eastern Turkey is one of Turkey's best ski destinations, with its superb snow conditions, long runs and excellent facilities and accommodation options. Palandöken is situated on the northern slopes of the mountain which shares the same name and has an altitude in excess of 9,842 feet.

The resort village of Palandöken is situated at 7,218 feet and has commendable facilities including a ski school with highly qualified instructors, ski and snowboard equipment hire, first-aid station and a clinic. In addition, several of the hotels here have ski shops with an array of skiing merchandise for sale.

Palandöken receives a massive annual snow fall of around eight feet and there are 25 miles of well-groomed pastes in Palandöken and a 2,952-foot vertical, with three chairlifts and a t-bar providing slope access at a rate of 1,100 people per hour.

There are several ski-in/ski-out hotels at Palandöken ski resort that offer fantastic wellness and apres-ski facilities. The mid-mountain ski-in/ski-out Dedeman Hotel also comes with its own chairlift which residents can use for free. If you can't find a room at the village, the town of Erzurum has many more accommodation options as well as lively bars and restaurants.

Away from the slopes and not far from Palandöken ski resort is the popular and historical town of Erzurum, which boasts a historical district and a modern city with tree-lined boulevards and grand buildings. Sights to look out for are the Seljuk buildings, 12th-century Ulu Mosque and the Çifte Minareli Medrese, a double minaret masterpiece.

Palandöken ski center's ski season extends from October to May and it has quality snow conditions throughout most of the season; cheaper rates can be had in October. Flying to Erzurum from Istanbul and taking a taxi is the most convenient means of transport to Palandöken.

Situated on the awesome Palandöken Mountain near Erzurum, Palandöken ski resort is a very accessible ski destination in remote Eastern Turkey, boasting numerous quality slopes and some enviable powder snow. Palandöken is well known among professional skiers and as a result it has excellent accommodation and services.

The 25 miles of slopes at Palandöken ski resort are some of the longest in Turkey and boast some spectacular terrain. The pastes mainly appeal to intermediate and experienced skiers and snowboarders, but there is also plenty of opportunity for all levels as well as cross-country terrain. Four ski lifts traverse the 2,952-foot vertical to supply the slopes a rate of up to 1,100 people per hour.

Alternative winter activities at Palandцken ski resort include Alpine skiing, ski touring and heliskiing, while various hotels at the village are well-equipped with wellness facilities such as Turkish baths, saunas, heated swimming pools and fitness centres. The hotels also provide apres-ski and nearby Erzurum has numerous restaurants and bars.

Palandöken ski resort has all the usual ski-related services and facilities including a ski school, lots of ski shops with rentals and repairs, and a clinic and first-aid centre. There are hundreds of beds available at the slopes in top notch hotels and chalets, while Erzurum and the surrounding villages have a bed base in excess of 6,000.

Cheaper prices can be found in October and November during the October to May ski season at Palandöken ski resort. The most practical travel option for getting to Palandöken and away is to fly to Erzurum via Istanbul and transfer to the resort by taxi or bus.

Located in Eastern Turkey more than 620 miles east of Istanbul, Palandöken ski resort is fortunate in being near to the city of Erzurum, which is the transport hub for eastern Turkey. Traveling by road, rail and air to Palandцken ski resort is possible, but flying to Erzurum and then transferring by bus or taxi to the resort is the most practical option.

Driving from Istanbul to Erzurum to Palandöken ski resort is a 2-day journey via the O4, D-200 and D-100 highways. If you have three days to spare, you could take the train to Istanbul and tackle the onward rail journey to Erzurum, which takes another 24 hours.

The only real option for getting to Palandöken from Istanbul a 90-minute flight to Erzurum airlines. Shuttles and taxis run to the city, from where various hotel buses are waiting to take you to the resort. If you are driving, take the D-100 six miles southeast to Erzurum, from where the D-950 heads southwest towards Palandöken ski resort.


These scripts and photographs are registered under © Copyright 2006, Ski Resort Dedeman Palandöken / Palandöken - Erzurum - Turkey. All Rights Reserved.

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